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Updated the website a bit with new information! We have a new Appearances section that lists all the guest appearances Alex, and sometimes Jeffrey, have been on! Since we have over 150 episodes now we have updated the Listen page with some more information to help new listeners.

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TCW 152: Grand Theft Auto 2 by 3

With the groundwork of the series laid down, we continue our look into the franchise of Grand Theft Auto. GTA 2 went to market during a transition phase with Rockstar, Take-Two Interactive, and DMA (Soon to be Rockstar North), sorting out who would deal with what. GTA 2 was a modest success, but it is GTA 3 that made Rockstar and Take-Two take off. The gritty storytelling, realism, and relatable real-world themes made GTA 3 a blockbuster hit. Further refinements to the system lead to the sequels GTA: Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Each expansion faced controversy, especially San Andreas with the infamous HOT COFFEE!